happy endings + yellow [@janeyoucrazy]

happy endings + yellow [@janeyoucrazy]

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The cast of Happy Endings in Emmy Magazine

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"In fact, there’s such a level of chumminess that the cast’s offscreen stories sound eerily like plots for a future episode, like the time Pally, Wayans, and Knighton got invited to the Playboy Mansion. “Those parties are just kind of crazy, you know what I mean?” says Pally. “Like, obviously, they’re exactly what you think of. Chris Evans was there, and he recognized Zach, and he was like, ‘Dude I love you, you’re a great actor, but that show you’re on is bullshit.’ I don’t even think he was talking about Happy Endings, I think he was talking about FlashForward, but I was a little under the influence, and so I got up in Chris Evans’s face like an idiot—because he would have destroyed me, he would have ripped my arms off—and I was like, ‘Whoa, not cool, Captain America.’ And then Damon backed me up, and I was like, ‘We’re going to kick the shit out of you, Chris Evans.’ And then security broke us up. So there you go.”"

— The Do-Over: How “Happy Endings” Lived Up to its Name (via Vulture)

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“So I know everybody is wondering why I’m not drinking. So i just started this super cleanse, that I read about on Teri Hatcher’s Tumblr. Apparently sugar is as addictive in animals as cocaine. Anyways T-Hatch says you have to give up all sugars, so sadly, no alcohol.”
     - Penny

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Top 100 TV Characters (in reverse alpha order) → Penny Hartz

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